Getting Started

When I initially thought about starting a blog I didn’t know where I would begin.

Yes I trained at The Arts Educational Schools, London, one of the leading drama schools in the world and from that have had numerous opportunities arise but was that enough to start writing about my life? Then I realised, I wouldn’t want a blog to be ‘about me‘ and a ‘follow me on my journey’ me, me, me show! I wanted to write a blog that would allow people who are like minded and share passion for the arts to join me, interact and share this journey in this wonderfully crazy acting industry we have thrust ourselves in to.

As I was born with UK and US Citizenship the opportunity for me to perform in the Drama UK LA Showcase arose. The showcase is designed for US actors who have graduated from a British accredited drama school to be able to go to Los Angeles and take part in workshops, classes and a showcase to industry professionals at the end of the two week programme. During the workshop I met many inspiring, talented, strong and professional industry members who clearly worked extremely hard to get where they were. There is too much to write in just this beginning section so carry on reading and I will reveal all about who I met, worked with and most importantly, what I learnt from each.

I hope this blog proves useful to you, if so pass it along to anyone else you think it could be beneficial to; we’ve all got to support each other in this business! So if you have any questions, advice you might want or just simply to have a chat, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message!

– D x




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